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Weak Ties as Opportunities

How does an idea become an opportunity? How does real change occur? How do movements begin? What causes momentum? How do innovations spread beyond a small group of people or a single individual to strangers who need the idea and can bring it to life? The first time I heard the phrase “weak ties”, it sounded like a negative thing, like the relationships the ties represent were not strong enough. It turns out, weak ties have been one of the greatest assets of my life as a connected educator. Weak ties are relationships that are ancillary, often related to a chance encounter, a shared acquaintance, or positive proximity to a person or place at the exact right moment. They are formed when colleagues who are close friends refer to another, potentially mutually beneficial relationship they have with another colleague, parent, leader, or community member. They represent the many ways we are all connected in a community, whether micro (the immediate area) or macro (representing gr