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The Perfect Lesson

The Perfect Lesson It’s time to start writing a lesson for Tuesday. What do you use as a basis for planning? Is it: a. The lesson the day before. What was covered? What was missed? (Sometimes this is it- an arrow in the book. “Do this tomorrow instead.") b. The manual. Monday was day 19. Tuesday must be day 20. c. The standards. 5.2.7? Check. Did that one already. Let’s move on to 5.2.8. d. The content. First we do the planets in order by size, so next it’s time for planets in order from the sun. e. The skill. After students learn the within-word pattern, they are ready for syllables and affixes. We can introduce that on Tuesday. f. The students. Well, student x was really struggling with subtraction with regrouping yesterday and I am sure the rest of the class could use a review. Let’s do a quick kahoot quiz right at the start of the lesson and create a small group of “not-quite-ready” kids and compact out those who demonstrate mastery. They can work on a rea