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Part 1: Taekwondo as Lesson Study

I wrote this post several months ago, after conversations with a few educator colleagues whose kids attend the same martial arts school. The education my kids receive at World Champion Taekwondo is a marvel- as a parent and an educator, I could not be more impressed. When I officially launched this blog in March as schools were closing, the timing was not right for a traditional lesson study post so I put this off. However, I am eager to write more about how WCTKD has rapidly  evolved and innovated in the past few months. Not only are their traditional practices worthy of  lesson study, their response to COVID-19 is a remarkable case study  K-12 public schools could aspire to as the reality of ongoing virtual and blended learning continues into the 2020-2021 school year. This first post details a routine day at World Champion Taekwondo. Next week I'll post part 2, which describes how the martial arts school has adapted their practices to meet the needs of their individual st

Edjacent Book Club

This month we are excited to launch the first meeting of the Edjacent (virtual) Book Club in partnership with our good friends at Read Books VB. The Edjacent book club is not your average teacher book club. We will read books about education and books that are education adjacent to inspire, energize and fill our hearts. Our first read is a special one, Joy: The Happiness That Comes From Within by Osho . We hope you'll find it as insightful and hopeful as we do! Because this is an unusual and unique read, you may decide not to read the book from cover to cover in one sitting and we will not discuss it that way. Instead, we will follow this format: Starting Sunday, May 17 we will send a theme for the week via email. The theme will guide our work for the week and we would encourage you to think about the relationship between the theme and your work- professionally and personally. Each day (Monday-Friday) we will share a brief quote from the book related to the theme, first

The Space Between

A few years ago, I embarked upon a Happiness Project. The Happiness Project I created 12 theme areas I wanted to work on, then created 5 goals and/or habits for each month related to the theme. I selected one “nagging task” to complete and chose a book to read related to theme. For February, I aptly chose the theme “Love”. I vowed to be more mindful and loving toward my husband. We had two kids under 3, 2 full time jobs and a new puppy at the time so this was definitely an area that needed some love and attention. I don’t remember much about my goals and tracking that month, but I do remember and continue to cultivate one concept: what Drs Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt call “the space between”. The couple defines a love relationship as two people plus the “space between them”. The space between represents intangible feelings of love, respect, doubt, trust, dishonesty, caring - whatever energy you project with and toward your partner, whether together physically o