Edjacent Book Club

This month we are excited to launch the first meeting of the Edjacent (virtual) Book Club in partnership with our good friends at Read Books VB.

The Edjacent book club is not your average teacher book club. We will read books about education and books that are education adjacent to inspire, energize and fill our hearts. Our first read is a special one, Joy: The Happiness That Comes From Within by Osho. We hope you'll find it as insightful and hopeful as we do! Because this is an unusual and unique read, you may decide not to read the book from cover to cover in one sitting and we will not discuss it that way. Instead, we will follow this format:

  • Starting Sunday, May 17 we will send a theme for the week via email. The theme will guide our work for the week and we would encourage you to think about the relationship between the theme and your work- professionally and personally.
  • Each day (Monday-Friday) we will share a brief quote from the book related to the theme, first thing in the morning, as a way to frame your day. Reflect on the quote and feel free to share (via email) any ways the quote affects your day.
  • On Saturdays, we will compile any examples shared by the group in a reflection email.
  • On Sundays, we will launch the next theme

On May 20, we will meet via Zoom to discuss how the process is going so far. We will discuss ways to incorporate the themes from the book into your teaching and personal life to find joy during this very strange time!

The club will continue until the week June 14 with our final theme of "Enjoying Life". We will meet June 17 to discuss the experience and vote on our summer read.

We are hopeful this unique format will be an inspiration to you as the school year winds down, both as an educator and as a human being.

The only requirement to join the club is for you to purchase the book from our friends at Read Books VB. You can order the book from the store's online bookshop. We ask that you provide your preferred contact information using this form so we can get club information to you via email.

Once you have your book, you can choose to read it straight through, follow along with our quotes and use it as a reference, or read it when the club concludes. You will not need to read the entire book (or even to have started it!) in order to participate on May 20.

We can't wait to spread the joy with you!


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