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Learning From Home

As in many places, our local schools have just announced they will be opening with remote learning before (hopefully) transitioning to in person learning later in the year based on reliable data. This means families and schools have to begin to imagine a reality where kids are still home full time and many are transitioning back to in-person employment, working from home, or perhaps even facing unemployment. A pandemic is bad. Really, really bad. Disruption of this kind can expose cracks in all kinds of systems, leading us to question things that were a given just a short time ago:  everything form compulsory K-12 public schooling and reliable food systems to representative democracy and capitalism. While I in no way wished for, wanted or am happy about a global pandemic, I am glad about a few things. My family has never had more time together. My values have never been more clear. My skills have never been more evident. My faith in humanity has never been stronger. I am hopeful

WAIT- Why Am I Talking?

Get audio from I have so much to say about Ta-Nehisi Coates masterpiece, The Water Dancer. I listened to this book while walking in my neighborhood, about the only solitude I get these days while parenting to young kids, and at least twice I had to pause the book, sit on the curb and just stare until I could get my thoughts together. But here's the thing, and as a talker, this is hard for me to say: this book is not for me to talk about. It is for me to hear. To listen. To absorb. To extract meaning. To audit my thinking and beliefs. To take action, internally and externally. I've been using the acronym WAIT- Why Am I talking? to remind myself to just shut up and listen. Hiram Walker's voice will not leave my ear. I have had dreams about Moses, Lockless, Sophia...  To hear the names of the places I've lived and traveled through (Lancaster, Norfolk, Philadelphia, even Bird-in-Hand!) in the context of slavery and outside the deep South was