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ANNOUNCING: Edjacent Coaching

Be useful I've had a lot of jobs in education since I started my career in 2005. I've been a classroom teacher, a coach, a curriculum writer, a professional developer, a consultant, a national trainer, a partnerships coordinator, a program director, a book seller, a home school parent... the list goes on. I think its good to have a variety of experiences when facing sticky problems. So, no matter my job title (and sometimes when I don't even have one), I focus on one thing: Be useful. I want to always be as helpful as I can in the situation I am in. My current situation includes a flexible schedule, a unique skill set for the moment, the will to listen to a lot of voices from a lot of perspectives and the desire to be useful. To that end, I'm excited to announce the launching of Edjacent Coaching .  The platform we've been using for our online courses, Teachable, recently added a coaching platform and I am using it to launch a coaching program for parents, families