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On the Matter of What Matters in Public Education

  Doug Wren has served as an elementary school teacher, a research specialist, and director of research & evaluation with the DeKalb County School District in Georgia, and as educational measurement & assessment specialist for Virginia Beach Public Schools.  He currently works as an author and consultant ; his latest book is Assessing Deeper Learning: Developing, Implementing, and Scoring Performance Tasks .  Doug’s website is at .  On the Matter of What Matters in Public Education by Douglas G. Wren, Ed.D. My original plan for this post was to focus exclusively on how teachers can assess deeper learning.  But that changed.  Before writing a piece, I google terms related to my topic.  Then I read what others have to say about the topic, which helps me refine my thinking.  For this post, I googled the phrase “measuring what matters” (in quotation marks) along with the word “education.”  Google rewarded me with approximately 100,000 hits, so I spent the

Launching: Pub Talks for Educators

 Pub Talks for Educators I like to talk. I sometimes say I do my best thinking while talking. I am also learning to listen. Listening has been a balm to me during these fraught months, learning what educators, families, students and communities need and want from their schools. Other than the live conversations I have organized with Edjacent contributors, my second favorite way to listen is The TeaTime Teaching's Podcast , hosted by my friend and colleague Mark Diacopolous.  Mark has been an educator for over 25 years. He has taught in middle and high schools both in the US and UK. An early adopter of educational technology, he has worked as a Technology Specialist and Curriculum Specialist in social studies for a large district in Southeast Virginia. He earned his PhD. in Curriculum and Instruction in 2018 and is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Pittsburg State University in rural Kansas. He has a keen interest in how to best teach future