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Spoon Theory for Teachers

  This has been the most exhausting year of my career, and it’s barely half-way through. I’ve been teaching for 7 years, and I always thought I was in this for the long haul. Sure, there were days or weeks that were exhausting, days or weeks that left me feeling drained or irritable, but even those times had bright points. This year, however, no matter how hard I try to find the positive moments in each day, I’m left feeling empty. Despite the constant chorus of “You’re not alone!” and “We’re all in this together!” I still end each day raw and spent, generally crying on the kitchen floor as my partner tries to untangle me from various bags. I couldn’t understand what was making this year so much more unbearable compared to years past; 2020 was a difficult time for everyone, but I was feeling the strain in ways that my friends in other professions seemed immune to. All of this doubt, confusion, and oblivion left me feeling lost until a conversation with my sister-in-law over Thanksgivin